About Us

About Us
Founder and President Robert T. Burns, has more than 30 years of  hands on experience launching and managing telephone programs which produce the best results for you each day.  Established in 1995,
R T Burns Inc. specializes in the sales of products and services, inbound customer service calls, inbound responses from media campaigns and voter contact programs.  We offer the latest telephone contact solutions to reach your customers, contact potential customers or to get your message to voters.  Cell phones and text messages have changed how we communicate with each other.  We can implement the best solution for you.




Robert Burns was the Founder and President of Gannett TeleMarketing Inc., 1990 to 1995  and built the company into one of the top flight outbound call service agencies in the U.S.  In 1980 he launched  telephone sales centers at 40 Gannett newspapers and three regional telephone centers as Director of Marketing for the Gannett Company.  Three years later, he became Director of Marketing for USA Today and launched and managed three telephone centers and the inbound customer service center.  As Vice President of Marketing from 1986 to 1990, his role expanded to encompass developing and managing marketing plans including TV, radio and print advertising and telemarketing for USA Today.